Technology Essentials for your classroom

We walk into our office and from the point we pass the security unit to the point that we reach our workstation, everything is technically operated and we wouldn’t even access to the building without our finger print or swipe card, then to move up until the machine you work every day, you will have to use passwords, unlock and then go access lockers with different other security passcodes to reach the different files.  Our life has become such a matrix at one point that we are living with so much technology involvement in our hands.

Can you think of a day that you walked out of your house without your mobile phone? I bet you’d run or drive back home just to get it because you basically can’t contact anyone, calculate anything, order anything, search up online or for whatever the matter is you will feel handicapped the whole day without it. It’s good that technology has evolved so much that it helps us on our day to day activities immensely but at the same time, it’s in question whether we have become too dependent on all that? I recently saw a girl saying that the society has come to a point where they even search up google to see if there are people who have similar relationship issues like them. It has grown to the extent that people can’t even make a personal life decision by themselves. However in this read, I’m focusing on how technology can be used in a classroom setting.


Electronic whiteboards

Using markers to keep writing and deleting can only waste money on marker pens but if you can use electronic whiteboards to help writ up and clear up whatever needed, will be a great thing. Some even enable the people to undo and redo so even after you clear up if you need to go back, that can also be done. Internet can also be incorporate in the classroom to browse anything real time and show clips to enhance the understanding of the lesson.


Grading software

We always keep student performance records on a separate student progress report but we can use a bit of technology to store these different marks and grade achieved by a student throughout the year. The teacher is able to know what position this student stands and the reasons behind the grades. If it’s lack of capacity, what can they do and if it’s just lack of interest, what actions could be taken. This gives a complete report and picture of each student as at the present date.

These are some of the ways that educational institutes could use to enhance the success of their teaching techniques in class sessions.


New tech Tools that can change your life

When it comes to new technological tools and applications you must be thinking that your smart phone is just too smart that it can reach anything you want within few seconds but having a number of applications cannot simply remark that you have new technological tools. You may have google on your phone or tab but there are some more specific and customized applications that can help you reach out to whatever you need in such a short span of time. The technology companies are working day and night to come up with new innovations that will cater to the varying needs of the smart phone users.

We can’t call a person using an apple or Samsung smart phone to be a smart phone, unless it has good applications that work in the smart way. Some people just spend on high tech products simple to keep up with the trend and as a matter of social standards but they really don’t spare much time thinking on how to use them the right way. Here are some new tech tools that can literally change your life upside down. When was the last time you started driving to a new place without the use of the GPS or google maps? When did you last walk into an ATM to check your bank account balance?



 This is an application that allows you to search up for places like, petrol stations, food outlets, retail clothing outlets, banks and hospitals that are located near you.  When you are on your way to some place and don’t know where the next petrol station is, then aroundMe application will help you find the route to that. It not only provides the direction but will notify the amount of time you will take to get there.



 This is an application that not only gives out the weather to viewer but also give you suggestions or opinions into choosing what kind of clothes you need to wear. Whether it is a sweater, jacket or coat, depending on the kind of whether condition it says. It could be a rainy day but the temperature might stay warm, therefore this is a good way to help you keep safe around bad weather conditions.



 This tool will help you to find out whatever substitutes available for terms which seem complicated to you. You can immediately look up for any word and get a good detailed description about it.


These are some of the tech tools that could possibly change your everyday life to the better; with more of these applications and tools, life can only get much easier and simpler